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Don't just take our word for it!

Here are what others had to say about Nicola of London! 


"Really great experience I learned a lot about my skin and how to properly care for it. The place itself is nice as well."


-Maria G. (Sept. 2015)

"I've been going to Nicola of London for probably 10 years, and have always had a wonderful experience. They are very professional but at the same time, they are down to earth and make me feel comfortable every time!"


-Jennanine B. (Oct. 2015)

"The new herbal mask was rejuvenating, cosy and my skin feels so soft. So glad to have found this boutique facial care"


-Deb A. (Nov. 2015)

"As an exhausted mother of three young children, I’ve seen great improvement with the dark circles under my eyes after using the NOL Peptide Eye Recovery Gel for just THREE months."


-Lisa M. (Sept. 2014)

"I just celebrated my 60th birthday and I have to attribute all my compliments on my youthful appearance to the years of excellent skincare at Nicola of London."


-Rebecca B. (Sept. 2014)

"I’ve been a client and fan of Nicola of London for more than 25 years. Nicky has guided my skin care routine all the way and I couldn’t be happier with the results."


-Ellen F. 

My skin has gone from fairly problematic to clear, smooth and younger-looking. My skin has gone from fairly problematic to clear, smooth and younger-looking."


-Mary Ella (Sept. 2014)

"This salon has been a great discovery for me, after trying so many before. The products I have gotten here are all excellent. My skin looks and feels excellent when I have started using them. "


-Nancy (Sept. 2014)

"I have had regular professional facials since I was 20, and Nicky is the best ever - her knowledge, experience and commitment to her continuing education are superb. I recently switched to her NOL line and have been impressed by both the quality and the price."


-Gretchen (Sept. 2014)

"I started with Nicky almost a year ago. My skin was sun-damaged and very dry. Today, my skin is in the best shape ever. Soft, plump, sun spots gone! I use NOL products and swear by them."


-Mary  (Sept. 2014)

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